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Find competitive GIC rates, fast

Get tailored rates quickly and efficiently with Yield Exchange, the all-in-one treasury management platform that is revolutionizing how Canadian businesses search, compare, and negotiate for GIC rates.
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Please note that all rates displayed on this website are subject to availability and may change at any moment without prior notice. We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, but fluctuations in availability and market conditions may impact the displayed rates. Thank you for your understanding.

Connect with dozens of financial institutions

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Competitive rates

Yield Exchange makes it easy to find the most competitive rates

With Yield Exchange, the process of shopping around for rates has never been more simple. Get access to rates from over 20 regulated financial institutions in mere seconds. 

  • Non-redeemable GIC 
  • Redeemable GIC
  • Cashable GIC
  • Notice deposits
  • High interest savings account
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easy process

Yield Exchange simplifies the process of shopping for rates

Connect immediately to over 20 financial institutions in Yield Exchange. Our central platform makes it easy to reach the right people without the manual effort of making phone calls or tracking emails. 

better perspective

Yield Exchange gives better oversight into your investment process

Yield Exchange gives you the best perspective into your investments because everything happens in one, central platform. The days of relying on hard-to-manage spreadsheets are over. 

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Ready to get started?

Getting started is easy and free. 

Frequently asked questions

How much does Yield Exchange cost?

There are no fees for depositors. 

Is Yield Exchange a broker?

No. Yield Exchange helps connect depositors to financial institutions, however we will never hold onto any money and you will be in direct contact with the financial institution you choose.  

Does Yield Exchange work for all types of organizations?

Yield Exchange can work with all types of organizations, like: 

  • Municipalities 
  • Universities 
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Indigenous Communities 
  • Small-Medium Businesses 
  • Corporations 


What does onboarding look like with Yield Exchange?

It's super easy - go to the sign up link, and get yourself an account, after that someone from our team will check in on how you're progressing and share some more formal tips and tricks to getting the most out of Yield Exchange. 

How is Yield Exchange different from a rate aggregator?

Unlike an aggregator, our treasury management platform connects you directly to the financial institution, so every rate you get is entirely unique, and customized to your posted request. 

Can I use Yield Exchange for my personal investments?

Coming soon! 

Are there fraud risks with Yield Exchange?

Absolutely no fraud risk since Yield Exchange doesn't hold on to any money.



What if I change my mind and no longer want to invest?

No problem! You are not obligated to go through with any of the investments. 

Does Yield Exchange operate outside of Canada?

At the moment Yield Exchange only operates within Canada.  But stay tuned we plan on expanding into other global markets including the United States very soon. 

Diversification becomes so much easier with a tool like Yield Exchange. For our municipality, we've gone from having 3 banking relationships to more than 7 now.

Director of Finance
Resort Municipality of Whistler
All tech founders who are sitting on idle cash should leverage Yield Exchange to shop and get competitive GIC rates!  Not only did I get better rates, the platform is super easy and seamless to use - literally took me under 30 seconds to receive rates from several reputable FIs.    

Kaylee Astle
CEO | Blanka
I loved how easy the platform was to use. It only took seconds to make a post and get rates from multiple financial institutions! This is a great tool for organizations to efficiently find the best rates for GIC investments. 
Director of Corporate Services
Town of Claresholm
The process to provide rates to a depositor is straightforward and easy to understand on the software. the process was very simple and connected us to an important COI within our trade area.
Treasury Analyst
Connect First Credit Union

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